Butter London - Jaffa

Bright orange jelly/creme

After my holiday break let's get back to the Butter London's on my longer nails...

Here's Jaffa, something bright for the start of the new month but also apt for Halloween.

Jaffa is a bright, red/coral leaning Orange that's also slightly soft looking.

I'd say it was a jelly-creme there is definitely some squishiness there and it's not super opaque.

This swatch is 3 coats and you can see I still have a hint of VNL.  No top coat and it is super shiny.

Overall a win for me, orange doesn't usually play well with my skintone but this colour works pretty well.


  1. Really juicy! ;)
    Love it! <3
    It plays well with your skintone!

    1. Thanks! I was surprised how lush it was, bright but not harsh


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