Andrea Fulerton - Debbie

Warm pinky coral creme

I seem to be amassing a small collection of these Andrea Fulerton single polishes - random boxsets of 3 or 4 turn up in TK Maxx and I'm powerless to resist!

Plus I think one of the UK monthly beauty boxes have featured them too.

Like Zoya they seem to be giving all the polishes women's names...

So here's Debbie

As you can see the bottles are an usual shape, being tall-ish and slender.  I suppose they're not much more than mini sized, holding 5.5ml (less than 0.2oz) but the brush is good and reaches almost to the bottom of the bottle.

Debbie is a warm coral creme.  There's a hint of milky/dustiness too.  I struggled a bit with the application of this one.  The formula was unexpectedly streaky and it took 3 coats to get to opacity.

Swatch shown is 3 coats, no top coat.

It's a lovely summery colour but I'm not sure it's very unique and due to the problems with application I can't totally recommend this polish.


  1. too bad it goes on stricky :(
    The colour is gorgeous tho!

  2. It's not a make I've tried before, but like you, I do see them pop up from time to time in TK Maxx, I might pay them a bit more attention next time!


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