Butter London - Primrose Hill Picnic

Bright pink creme

Next in my bargain Butter London's is Primrose Hill Picnic...

Primrose Hill Picnic is a bright, almost fuchsia jelly-creme.

Swatch shown is 2 coats, due to the hint of jelly I still some VNL at 2 coats, but nothing too terrible.  And it is gorgeously shiny with no topcoat.


  1. It's lovely! :D
    I've never (so far) been disappointed in any Butter London polish.
    Where can you get Butter London in England? At Debenhams? (My fiancee is going to London on Friday and I'm giving he a list of polishes to buy ;)) Any tips would be appreciated! :D

  2. Hmmm, I've never bought Butter London in a store - despite the name they're a US brand (founded by two Brits) so aren't easy to come by in the UK. Debenhams have had some online but not sure about instore. Selfridges (large Dept store have them I think- but there is only 1 in London so depends where he'll be) and it looks like Harvey Nicols (another big dept store) also carry them.

  3. Ok! Great! Thanx!
    I know they're American but somehow I thought they were easier to find in the UK than here in Sweden. I'll send him to Selfridges and Harvey Nics then ;)
    Any other brands (in store) to keep an eye out for? I go to London quite often and I always end up buying the same brands such as Barry M, Top Shop, Models Own, Nails Inc, and Accessorize etc.
    Or any tips for a must have polish in those brands?
    Feel free to ignore me if you think I'm pestering you too much! ;)


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