Essence - Skyscraper

Greyed out beige with shimmer and small flakies   

This polish is from the Urban Messages collection from 2011, IIRC.

Skyscraper is a very greyed out beige with a mottled look from some fine golden secret shimmer and small blue flakies.  I really like the combination, it looks like fancy polished concrete, definitely an unusual finish and shimmer combination.

I'd say it was reminiscent of Zoya Harley and OPI Sheer Your Toys but without doing a comparison I'd say those colours were more blue/grey toned and without the flakies.

Swatch show is with 3 coats and no top coat so it's a little sheer.


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  2. I live in Belgium and we have a Essence and Catrice available to us. I saw in one of your posts that you don't have it in the UK. If you need a special item or color perhaps I could help??

    1. Oooh thanks Jackson, I'll let you know if anything becomes a burning need!


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