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Spanish, French and German/European brands...

Apologies for the delay in posting, dear readers, I've been away for a week in Mallorca with my Mum for a relaxing holiday and didn't manage to post anything in the week before or create any scheduled posts #badblogger

We had a lovely relaxing week, the weather was fab, 25°C+ and lots of sunshine.  We shopped, swam and generally relaxed.

I managed to fit in a little polish shopping, we were staying in a fairly small town so there wasn't much opportunity but it did have a few of those perfume/cosmetic shops.  Not an extensive range of brands, I saw OPI and Essie, but I decided to focus on brands that were new to me and some of the new Essence polishes as Essence isn't available in the UK :-(

I'm not sure if these are called LOOK or OK or something else entirely!  They're made by a company called  Impacto Cosmetics based in Valencia.  The bottles are 12ml.  And that's about all the info I can make out from the tiny, tiny print on the bottle.

 Two luscious green toned polishes from Rare and Lola .  The Rare bottle is 10ml and the Lola 11ml.  These two brands are both based in Madrid, Spain but the polish is made in France.

And lastly the Essences I picked up.  Unfortunately we were severely restricted on weight with our (shared) suitcase so I couldn't pick up as many of these as I would've liked...

I quite like the new bottles, they're pleasantly stubby and chunky.  I do hope they haven't mucked about with the brush though.

And on the right is Essences take on the double-ended layering polishes called Nail Colour³.  I chose Midnight Date/City That Never Sleeps as  CTNS looks like an interesting glittery/flakey purple/green combo.

Smallish but hopefully interesting haul.  Looking forward to swatching these soon as my ring finger nail is finally growing back, all my treatments and a week in the sun seem to have done the trick!


  1. Interesting new Essence bottles - we still have the old cylindrical bottles in Australia :)


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