Butter London - Snog

Raspberry pink jelly/creme

Another pink jelly/creme from Butter London, this one is called Snog and it's not the same, I promise.  Similar but not the same!

Snog is an intense pink, leaning towards a pinky red.  I'd call is a raspberry pink, more raspberry sauce than the colour of actual raspberries (mine are often much darker in colour)...

The finish is again a jellyish creme, primarily a creme but with mild jelly qualities i.e. it's super shiny with mild VNL but not to much in the way of squishiness.

Swatch shown is 2 coats with no topcoat.  Application was a breeze.

For me, this just edges it over yesterday's Primrose Hill Picnic, I find the colour is more flattering on me although they are both pretty.


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