Famous by Sue Moxley - SuedeFX 29

Dark silver suede

The last of my 'old style' Sue Moxley Famous polishes

Suede Finish - Shade

Suede Finish - Sunlight

With Topcoat - Shade

29 is a dark silver grey suede finish polish.  The main polish colour is dark grey with masses of more silvery speckles.  Again I've shown this with a coat of topcoat to bring out the speckles

Swatch shown is 2 coats, with and without topcoat.

I don't have a lot of suede finish polishes but I do like them, I like the suede finish, I find it more pleasing than a pure matte, almost lush and I love the speckled effect finish that is really bought out by topcoat.


  1. i'm not really a fan of suede polishes... in fact I don't own many. But I loooove how this look with a topcoat!! and in the end I feel kind of silly to buy suede polishes to use them only with top coat, and that's why I stopped buying them :( By the way, your nails are great!

    1. Thanks hun, I know what you mean about 'special' polishes, you have to not go overboard with stuff you won't wear often or has bad wear or removal (hello glitter polishes!)

  2. Oh I have this - I will need to try with a top coat, it looks great on you :D

    1. thanks! Will probably help the wear too, if suede polishes are anything like matte ones when it comes to wear...


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