Butter London - Dosh

Green sparkly shimmer  

This is the last in this run of Butter London swatches - Dosh

Dosh is yellow toned apple green with fine foily shimmer.  The shimmer is predominately gold but I also detected some some silver and green shimmer.

Although I don't usually have trouble photographing  greens I'd say this polish is a smidge  more yellowy/olive toned IRL than it shows in my pics.  Click the pics to see them in close up.

Swatch show is with 3 coats and no top coat.  Application was great.

Dosh is British slang for money and our £1 banknotes used to be green (now we just have coins for £1) and of course I saved a load of dosh buying these BL's on a sale site!

Don't you love a nail polish bargain!


  1. It's a really lovely polish, but 3 coats is a bit too much for me!

    1. I can cope with 3 for a 'good' colour - anything more is getting crazy though...

  2. I knew dosh was money but I didn't know that the forerunner to the £1-gold coin was a green banknote! Great to know!
    And a great polish too! :)

    1. I think most people miss the notes but of course the coins are much longer lasting...


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