Nails Inc November - Union Street

Pinky purple neon   

Neon/satin finish with no topcoat

With topcoat

Union Street, which I think may only exist as a mini, is a pinky purple neonish jellyish nightmare of a polish

Now, given that I'm doing a whole month of nails inc polishes, you'd be right in thinking I'm a bit of a fan.... unfortunately this polish is, hands down, the worst Nails Inc I've ever used!

The formula was thin and streaky and I had to keep several yards away from my cuticles when applying as this polish seemed magnetically attracted to flooding them!

Swatches are shown with 3 coats, I still have vnl and it's pretty patchy on some nails.  But I had no confidence that more coats would improve things.

And to add insult to injury it doesn't look much like the bottle colour which a fab bright purple.

I know I should probably try it layered over some underwear, but I lost the will - life's too short for bad polish!

I wasn't the only one to have trouble with this one, Primps & Preens blogged it and had similar problems

To be fair to nails inc, one super duff polish out of 400+ colours isn't bad odds...

But still, steer clear of this one people...


  1. I had the same problem with this! I got it in a set of minis and it's just AWFUL to apply :( x

    1. Looks like it's unanimous then...!


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