Nails Inc November - Miami Purple

Bright purple neon jelly

This week, with arrivals from ebay, QVC and Nails Inc themselves,  my Nails Inc collection topped over 400 unique colours... I know, I have a problem!

But I thought I'd make the most of my 'problem' and do a whole month of Nails Inc swatches, this will encourage me to swatch more of my collection (I've done pretty much all my purples, reds, pinks and sheers so far and lots of randoms) and photobomb you all with Nails Inc, my favourite brand for a whole month!

So let's kick off with an oldie, sorry vintage, colour from my collection, Miami Purple.

I think Miami Purple was released in 2008 but it does still pop up on (UK) ebay now and again.

Miami Purple is a neon purple plum jelly

Swatches shown are 3 coats, first one without topcoat so you can see the neon satin finish, last two with topcoat to show off the jellyness.

It's obviously fairly sheer and was kinda runny but given that application wasn't too bad.

And one last point to beware of - this stained my nails using OPI natural nail basecoat.


  1. LOL I just passed 500 - in one year...
    WOW this is a gorgeous purple, I'm not too fond of the jelly part - but the shade....!!

    1. Yay for compulsive polish buying. I'm not too fond of jelly either and less of neon but this one works, just!

    2. LOL yes - and I haven't even looked into rehab possibilities, maybe I should :)

  2. I love jelly! and this one is gorgeous! I actually have used up a bottle of jelly nail polish, and re-bought it! lol!

    1. Wow, I'm impressed. I don't think I've ever finished a bottle of anything (other than base/topcoat)!


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