Nails Inc November - Ebury Mews

Chalky pearlescent lilac   

Ebury Mews is a very strange polish.  Let's start with the easy part, the colour, it's a pale pinkish lilac.  It's got a strong white base, that's almost chalky.  But it's also pearlescent, with a pale lilac/pink pearlised finish.  Very unusual in my collection.

Swatches are shown with 2 coats.  Application was slightly streaky probably because of the white base

This one is another vintage polish but it crops up frequently on ebay for peanutes.  And there's a few Ebury polishes, as well as Ebury Mews there's also Ebury Place and Ebury Bridge that I know of...


  1. This shade is very delicate! I don't have the "chalky" impression on the photos though.


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