Final Nails Inc November - Rainbow Street

Multicoloured glitter bomb    

So for the last polish in Nails Inc November I thought I'd break out the glitter....

Rainbow Street came as part of a 7-piece QVC TSV.

You can see the texture in this sunlight shot...

Rainbow Street is a multicoloured glitter with red, purple, blue gold, silver and pink large glitter pieces in  a clear base.  This has pretty good coverage, you might get to full coverage with 3 or 4 coats.

The glitter dries bumpy, my swatch is without top coat, you'd need a couple of coats of a good thick, levelling top coat to even this one out.

Swatch shown is 2 coats over yesterday's Primrose Park  - you can still see the base colour but not too much.

Phew, so my nails inc month is over.

I think the challenge of all nails inc, all month kept my momentum going - after last month this has been my highest number of posts in a month.  Although it hasn't made a huge dent in the number of unswatched/unshown nails inc in my collection!!  Unfortunately I don't have the kind of job/life to be able to blog every day....

I hope you enjoyed this small window into my nails inc obsession!


  1. A great final of a great month!! :D
    Well done you!!

  2. Phoawr what an end to your Nails Inc month :D I've loved seeing them, I have a bit of an obsession myself with Nails Inc...

    1. thanks, it has been more fun than I anticipated!

  3. I LOVE this and Nails Inc! What an amazing brand and an amazing series of posts. I know what it's like to be obsessed with this brand! LOL


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