Sunday, 20 September 2015

Deborah Milano - 87

Bright purple shimmer  

Now you all know I'm a taupe lover but boy do I love an intense purple shimmer too, one of my all time favourite polishes is a L'Oreal Jet Set in a similar colour - 225.

So here's a similar shade from Deborah Milano, 87.

Swatches shown are two coats, no top coat, but looking at the full sun pics I probably needed a third coat, I can see a little thinness around the cuticle.

Deborah Milano is Italy's No1 Makeup brand and is now available in the UK!  The Pret à Porter polishes are available for  £3.50

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Flormar - Blue Industry 450

Dark turquoise crelly  

Another polish from my long weekend in Istanbul (wonderful place despite the snow!) back in February when  I managed to grab a quick hours shopping on our last day including the Flormar and Golden Rose stores.

Blue Industry is a slightly teal leaning turquoise blue crelly, is that petrol blue?

Application was good and swatches are 2 coats, no top coat.  As it's a crelly there's a hint of nail line amongst the squishiness.

There's something quite old-school about the Flormar bottles, a combination of the tall handle and white plastic I think....

Friday, 11 September 2015

Leighton Denny - Morning Dew

Cool green creme  

Here's the second of my Harper's Bazaar covermount freebies, Morning Dew.


Morning Dew is a cool green creme that leans towards turquoise

Application was good, swatches are 2 coats with no top coat.

Ooops just realise you can see the break in my index finger nail, time to top up the superglue!

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Leighton Denny - It's an Honour

Cool taupe shimmer/pearl  

Free with this months issue (October - Michelle Dockery cover) of Harper's Bazaar is a choice of 6 shades of Leighton Denny polish.   Now the magazine isn't something I'd normally buy and it's a rather hefty tome with a price tag to match of £4.40.

But £4.40 for a choice from six full size Leighton Denny polishes?  That's my kind of deal.  I think this is the 4th year Harper's have done a LD covermount.

I picked up two copies earlier this week with Morning Dew, a cool green creme and It's an Honour, featured today.


It's an Honour is a taupe (my fave) but it's unusual shade of taupe, being very cool and quite light, almost like it's been mixed with silver.  And the finish is somewhere between shimmer and pearl to me.

Application was good, I do like the narrow LD brushes and swatches shown are 2 thick coats, if you stick to thin you'll need 3.

I really like this colour, very work appropriate but still interesting.

UK readers, have you availed of the freebie polish?!

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Fashion Make Up - 139

Greyed blue creme  


139 is a gorgeous Airforce blue creme.  I totally love this shade of blue.

The bottle is 11ml and unfortunately comes with a super wide brush which I just managed to work with my narrow nails although my little finger was a close run thing.  Oh and the bottle says "7 days wear" - hmm, unlikely!

Swatches are 2 coats, no top coat and this is very shiny and 'enamel' looking.

Fashion Make-Up is a French brand I've never heard of and this cost me the grand total of £1.40 from a French sale site.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Butter London - Muggins

Pale mauve creme  

Muggins is a pale lilac/mauve with a hint of grey in the mix.

Swatches are 2 coats, no top coat and application was fine for me, although I noticed several other swatchers needed 3 coats and found it a bit tricky.

This was another TK Maxx purchase for just £4....