Saturday, 18 June 2011

P2 Sun City - Copacabana

Warm green shimmer

Copacabana is the last of the P2 Sun City collection I got and it's definitely my favourite.

It's a warm, slightly olive toned green with lots of yellowy shimmer and postively gorgeous - I love it!

Swatch shown is two coats, no top coat and look how shiny it is. Yummy.  Ok it's a teeny bit brushstrokey but I can forgive it.

I can even forgive my incomplete cleanup and the bit of fluff on my middle finger....

Friday, 17 June 2011

P2 Sun City - Fifth Avenue

red shimmer

Fifth Avenue is a glowy red shimmery pearl.  Application was great and the swatch is 2 coats with no topcoat.

I know it's not very unique but it's nice and goes well with the other two colours I got, the best of which I saved till last....

And gotta love that branding - be stylish!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

P2 Sun City - La Rambla

Bright blue shimmer

Sun City is a summer collection from German brand P2. I picked up 3 of these and the first I have to share is La Rambla, a bright blue shimmer.

Swatch is 2 coats, no top coat.

Application was good and the colour is fantastically vibrant - not sure I have anything like this (think I might need to sort my Helmer by colour).

Stay tuned for more colours from this collection.

Monday, 13 June 2011

P2 Color Victim - Soulful

Deep taupe creme

Soulful is a darkish taupe creme.

I am so drawn to colours like this, this one is a similar colour intensity to $OPI Metro Chic but I couldn't find my bottle for my usual comparison, d'oh.

Swatch is 2 coats and no top coat - the polish is very shiny without though. Application was great.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Catrice - Petit Four As Dessert

pale taupe with secret shimmer

After a busy week at work with a couple of flights, (one of which I spent 2 hours on the plane @LHR waiting for BA to find a First Officer to help fly the plane) I'm getting started on swatching & reviewing my most recent haul from Germany.

First up is one from the Catrice Ultimate Nudes collection, generally this collection was a little too nude for me, if you know what I mean, but this one as a lightish taupe/mushroom shade stood out and the secret shimmer clinched the deal.

Petit Four As Dessert is a pale taupe creme with secret shimmer.
Swatch shown is 3 coats with no top coat.

It's more sheer than I'd like but pretty with the shimmer

Monday, 6 June 2011

Germany Polish Haul

Yes, another one...

I work for a global IT company in Technical Sales and one or twice a year we get sent off on an enablement event, usually 3-5 days of 1-2 hour sessions to learn about new products, updates and strategy.

The region I'm part of is called North East and includes Germany and the Nordics so in the last 14 months I've been to the Stuttgart area of Germany 4 times! Don't get me wrong, I like Germany and the nail polish shopping is excellent as you'll see from my haul pics.

But the other main region in Europe is South West and their enablement event was in Barcelona - need I say more?!

Having been to this location before, and due to all the shops in Stuttgart city centre being closed on Sunday (remember when the UK used to be like that?!) I shopped at the same two stores in the small town we were located in, DM and Ihr Platz.

Anyhow, enough whingeing about free trips to Europe - on with the haul pics.

P2 Sun Collection (part of)

Essence collection (no, they're not Holo but duochrome!)

P2 LE and Essence Paradoxal dupe?


Catrice, look at that beauty in the middle!

Catrice - why am I suddenly drawn to Orange?

Essence toppers


Sunday, 5 June 2011

Yay 400 Followers!

Oooh, just noticed I hit 400 followers.

Many, many thanks to everyone who follows me and sticks with my rather sporadic posting frequency - my IT sales job and renovation of not one, but two houses over the past 3 years very rarely lets me do daily posting or give me enough time to schedule posts in advance. But good news, we put the 2nd house on the letting market yesterday so, fingers crossed, I'll have more time from now on - famous last words!

So thanks again to all my fab followers and especially those who comment frequently (you know who you are!)