Thursday, 25 February 2010

Sue Moxley Suede Fx 30

The last of my Sue Moxleys is SuedeFx 30

This is my first 'suede' polish - the recent spate of suedes from OPI and Zoya are pretty spenny over here in the UK and I hadn't seen any cheapie versions.

So Fx 30 is a blue grey suede finish with silver shimmer - just gorgeous...


This was two coats, it was a bit tricky to apply, both the brush and polish were a bit gloopy...

From the pictures I've seen this looks to be similar to OPI Suede - thoughts?

Then I tried topcoat over my first 2 fingers and left 2 matte - and it's just as lovely with topcoat!

Overall a big win - formula wasn't the best but lovely colour and finish - I'm sold.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Sue Moxley 14

Sorry - another weeks break - but this time I have a good excuse, it was my birthday(!) and my beloved was working in Amsterdam and so I headed over to join him for a celebratory weekend. The weather was bitterly cold and very wintery but we hired bikes, bought hats & gloves and cycled round like locals. We also found great places to eat and I may have picked up a couple of bottles of polish to share with you all.

But for now, back to the regular programming...

The second Sue Moxley I picked is the aptly named 14, well who knows maybe the number 14 is a slightly frosty peacock green. It obviously is in Sue's world!

This is a little too 'frosty' for me, but it's a lush colour and best of all qualifies as a one-coat-wonder. I did two out of habit but if you were in a rush, one would work fine which redeems the slight frostiness for me



Overall good application, nice shade, just let down slightly by the frostiness.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Famous by Sue Moxley no11

Gah, another week without posting, the house project, now thankfully in it's final stages is still eating up my free time.

Sue Moxley is a make-up artist, I can't say I'm particularly up on make-up artists so I've never heard of her, have you?

She has a range of makeup called Famous by Sue Moxley which I'm pretty sure is unique to Superdrug. I've perused the range in the past but as often in Superdrug the display was a bit of a state and while some of the eyeshadows looked interesting the prices were quite high. And there was no nail polish so how interested could I be?!

But revisiting the range I found they'd introduced a small but interesting range of nail polish - hooray! So I snapped up a few to try.

Let's look at the regular polish first, called Advanced Performance Nail Colour - this is 11 - no names, how dull.


Vibrant Purple creme, this is three coats, but I probably could've done two. It's nothing unique but a pretty colour and very shiny!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

ASOS Paint Pots by Ciaté II

I mostly bought these because they were cheap - the ASOS sale is a dangerous place to be - but they turned out to be pretty good.

I don't normally talk about the packaging but this was interesting so I thought I'd show you. Although ASOS do sell Paint bottles individually I bought these as duo's and they came in these cool boxes

From the outside it's a striking black box with high impact lettering


then you slide open the box (like a matchbox) to reveal the two polishes nestling in their own compartments inside. Sweet, huh?


So onto the polishes...

First up is Agyness, a blackened puple with pink shimmer

Look how pretty it looks in the bottle

Unfortunately much less so on the nail. The shimmer doesn't really come through at all.

This is 2 coats with no top coat

The second in the set is Pixie (I'm assuming Pixie Geldof). It's a mid green, slightly blue-toned green creme

Again this is 2 coats.

I really liked this one, the colour is unusual and coverage is good.

Overall this is two good polishes, interesting packaging and a great price in the sale.