Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Essence - Show Your Feet - Purple Magic

Purple shimmer for toes

Don't panic - there are no toes in this blogpost!

So, a first for this blog, toe nail polish.

What makes it toe nail polish you might be asking?

...an antibacterial formula, long lasting and great coverage with just one coat - according to the bottle

Antibacterial formula?  Now I'm no chemist or doctor but my gut feel is that the cocktail of chemicals that make up your average nail polish is pretty inhospitable to bacteria at the best of times, right?  And generally I'm not a fan of antibacterial chemicals being added to stuff as it just gives all the nasty bugs time to get used to the low doses and become immune.  Anyhow, rant over.

Purple Magic is a purple shimmer with very fine pink and grey shimmer.   I love the colour if not the concept!

Swatch shown is 2 coats with no top coat and as you can see it's not v. shiny and would benefit from top coat to gloss it up!

What you think of the Toe Nail Polish concept?  Marketing gone mad or a useful addition given some folks feet?!


  1. I hate the smell of these but some of them are really pretty, like this one.

  2. Very nice shade, I love anything purple!
    I think is not a dumb thing to add antibacterial to polish, but I'm not a specialist.


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