Saturday 6 November 2010

Bad Fairy/Pink Spice - Wear Update

Excuse the bad photo and the hideous state of my nails but I thought this pic of my nails several days after my Bad Fairy / Pink Spice comparison was interesting.

L-R Pink Spice, Bad Fairy, Pink Spice, Bad Fairy

I didn't set out to do a wear test but after a heavy weekend of cleaning, sorting, washing and painting I was surprised to see a distinct difference in the wear of the two polishes.

So for us UK/parts of Europe gals, not only is Pink Spice a very close dupe and is cheaper - it also wears better!


  1. super interesting!!! if only the damn accesorize stores actually had a decent stock of varnish in their brick & mortar stores. their online stock is sold out and it's not in the actual shops. UGH!


  2. Whoa! Do you think a high quality top coat would have helped? Just curious.

  3. Did you reapply these in a different order after your comparison from this post ? There you had BF on your index & ring finger...

    I would have thought the BF would have the better wear... so disappointed Accessorize already ran out of these on their web shop! :(

  4. @glammeli - oh heck, now I'm not sure which was one which! I was convinced they were this way round but you're right in the comp I have them labelled the other way round - I'm inclined to think my labelling on the comp is wrong though as the BF was slightly more bling which to me looks like the middle & pinkie. Hmmm, I'll have to do another test - sorry gals

  5. Wow, I was just about to start panicking, but that's ok, no reason to worry yet until you've done a retest. :)

  6. Regardless of which fingers have what on them, I like seeing "true life" shots like this. :)

  7. Great post! I tell you, the more $$$ you pay doesn't equate most of the time. I'm truly convinced. :)


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