Wednesday 27 October 2010

MAC Bad Fairy and Accessorize Pink Spice Comparison

There's been a lot of mutterings in the np world about possible dupes for the much sought after Bad Fairy from MAC's Venomous Villans collection.

As I was lucky enough to score a bottle at the airport and then got my hands on some Accessorize polishes from their online store I thought I'd do a comparison.

First up, ignore horrible state of my hands/cuticles. One day I will remember to apply handcream *before* taking the pics :-) And ignore the fluff (where does it come from?)

All of these pics are 3 coats of each plus seche vite top coat

Pointer & ring finger are BF, index and pinkie are Pink Spice

Sorry for so many pics but I wanted to show the polishes in different lights and from different angles.

In terms of application they were very similar, very sheer and uneven on the first coat and then the colour builds. If anything the Accessorize brush was better, my MAC brush was a bit fat and splayed at the end. Similar drying times too. The MAC brush was easier to hold though, the Accessorize one is like a fat stubby nails inc brush.

I can see the difference between the two, but most people, certainly what Liz Hurley would call the 'civilians' of the nail polish world, won't be able to tell!

So, in conclusion, for me they're not *exact* dupes, Bad Fairy has slightly more bling, like the sparkle/foil particles are slight bigger and in certain lights you can see the copper duochrome more in Bad Fairy.

But Pink Spice is a very close sibling and for the UK gals (and the limited countries that the Accessorize website will ship to) I think it's a damn fine alternative.


  1. Thanks for the comp, I dont consider myself a "civilian" lol but I can't even see a difference :)

  2. Too close to call. Good comparison.

  3. close enough =) accessorize redid the whole orly cosmic collection, I guess =)

  4. Great comparison, they are very similar!

  5. Are the Accessorize bottles mini sized or regular? How many ml?

  6. @Vedra - now there's a question. The bottles say 10ml but they seem to be distinctly smaller than the Nails Inc bottles which also say 10ml. I feel a bottle comparison post coming on...!

  7. Wow, that's very close! :O To me one of the differences is that Accessorise doesnt seem to apply as well, I think? I can see slight streaks in your Accessorise np, but that's only very minor.

  8. Wow! That's close, thanks :)


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