Saturday, 28 February 2015

Vintage Valentines - Nails Inc - Chelsea

Lilac creme with secret shimmer  

So my last Vintage Valentine comes from my largest collection, Nails Inc.  I have over 550 unique Nails Inc colours and focus on collecting the older releases which all have the hands/fingers overprinting on the bottles.

Once I started collecting I realised there were nuances in the bottles and labelling.  The oldest bottles in my collection (about 12 of them) have the hands/fingers print but not the word London under the brand name and the address printed on the back is not the well known South Molton Street address of the first store, opened in 1999, but rather a mysterious Nottingham Freepost address.

From digging around on the internet I believe that Nottingham postcode to be for the Boots headquarters making me think, that certainly to start with, the Nails Inc polishes were manufactured by Boots.

Chelsea, yes the earliest polishes started with the London naming convention, is a gorgeous lilac/purple creme with a pink/blue secret shimmer that's just about strong enough to add depth to the colour.

Application was great (the reason I fell so hard for Nails Inc polishes) and swatches shown are 2 coats with no top coat.

Which brings our month of showcasing vintage polishes to a close.  I've really enjoyed digging out some of my oldest polishes and sharing the personal and brand stories behind them.

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  1. Nothing like a mystery... This looks like it might be the formula that made me buy lots of Nails Incs too! :) Love the colour!


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