Vintage Valentines - LO'real Jet-Set - 255

Orange pearl  

I've already shown you a vintage L'Oreal Shock Proof, now here's a Jet-Set.

I'm not sure when Jet-Set was launched, I think before 2000?

The colours and formula are pretty variable, some are fab colours with an opaque formula, some, like this one, are 'unusual' with pretty terrible opacity.

And, at least in the UK, they didn't have names, only numbers...

255 is an orange pearl with a strong yellow shimmer/pearl.

Orange is definitely not a friend to my skintone so I don't have a large collection of orange polishes, but I certainly don't have another like this!

Sadly the formula on this was pretty terrible in terms of opacity.  These swatches are 4 coats and there's still a hint of vnl.

I'm not totally adverse to doing 4 coats for the right colour (I'm thinking of you, OPI Brand New Skates) but for an orange pearl - no thanks!

I do like the bottle shape on these Jet-Sets, chunky and funky - after this they changed to a smaller triangular bottle which for some reason really bugs me....


  1. Oh no I am not sure about this colour :O What were L'Oreal thinking? :)

    1. Indeed, I'm sure the colour would look good on some, but that formula....

  2. LOL 4 coats really is a lot - but I love the swatches anyhow!
    I also show shades that do not match my skin - because I know it's pleasant to be able to find swatches of the oldies, when we google...

    1. Thanks! With so many people blogging it's always a surprise not to find swatches of a particular colour...


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