Vintage Valentines - Mary Quant - B11

Soft blue/green jelly  

This may be the newest Vintage Valentine I'm going to share but I don't feel too bad as Mary Quant is a very vintage brand!

This polish is, I think from 2008, but Mary Quant has had a cosmetics line, off and on, since 1966 and the lady herself opened her first shop in 1955!

I remember when the bottles looked like this...

But sadly don't have any...

But the signature black daisy is still around.  In fact on the version I have the (removable) cap is shaped like the daisy.

The bottles have changed again since I bought these and are now an even less interesting design..

Here's the brochure I picked up when I bought them - toy soldiers with nail polish hats?!

Anyhow, on to the swatches

Sadly the polishes don't have names, only numbers.

B-11 is a soft sage green jelly that I think looks more blue in my pics.

It's very shiny and slightly squishy.  Application was good, if a little scarily thin on the first coat.

Swatches shown are 3 coats, with no top coat.

I bought this and 3 others from the Mary Quant store in London, before it moved to it's current location in Chelsea.

The cosmetics company is now wholly owned by a Japanese company and there are many stores in Japan, but I believe the shop in Chelsea is the only one outside Japan.


  1. Oh wow I LOVE this, bottle and colour! :D

    1. Thank you, it is so cute isn't it...

  2. Pure nostalgia - I'm born in 53 and I remember how hot Mary Quant fashion was when I was a teenager, thanks for taking me back :D

    1. Maria, so pleased this bought back memories for you. I so wish I'd kept the Mary Quant makeup I had from the '70s.


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