Avon Matte - Inky Blue

Matte dark blue  

This is a strange one, look at these bottle pics

A gorgeous purple with swirls of copper/pinkish shimmer right?

Not on the nail...

On the nail it's the Inky Blue of the shade name.  I think you can see a hint of the purple but not much.

So I tried some top coat in case that would bring out the depth?

A little, but not so much - it still looks totally different to the bottle colour!

Avon Matte Inky Blue is a matte dark blue.  I just wish it looked like the bottle colour!

Application was fine, you have to work fast with mattes but usually the formula is ok.

Swatches are 2 coats, shown with and without topcoat.


  1. I love this polish instaed of disappearing shimmer. One day I came home from bike travel and hurried to the concert, but ny nails were ugly - naked and of course yellow! This polish took only 10 minuites to apply and dry for two coats and I was good to go.

  2. I was surprised to see how little the purple transfers to the nail, I wish it had...


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