Max Factor - Odyssey Blue

Mid blue foil

On one of my Fantasy Fire seeking searches earlier in the year I picked up some other Max Factor Max Effect minis.

So here is Odyssey Blue..

Odyssey Blue is a rich mid blue foil effect finish with lighter silvery blue small flecks

Application and formula were great, I had no problems with the tiny bottles and brushes.

I like the style of the tiny bottles, they seem identical to the Alessandro polish I've bought in Germany and are chunky and solid feeling.

Swatch shown is 2 coats, no top coat.

Downsides?  Tiny bottles, only 5ml - not much for the price (£3.99)


  1. They have so many lovely colours in that line it's hard to pick! I've noticed this blue, too, but was a bit worried it might be sparklier than I like. I'm glad to see it's not!!

  2. I must to convince myself to wear it, at last! :D It reminds me my china glaze - midnight mission, but less dusty ;D


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