Butter London - Artful Dodger

Teal creme

A few months ago Brand Alley, one of those designer sale sites, had a sale on Butter London.  They had sets of three polishes for £18.50 which seemed like a pretty good deal to me.  I may have gone a little crazy and spent over £100 on Butter London polishes!!

My willpower goes all to pot when confronted with pretty polish for a bargain price.  I bought 20 in the end and they averaged out at just over £6 each which didn't seem too bad as I think the RRP for BL is £12

Unfortunately I only swatched some of them at the time and now my nails are all stubby so you'll get to see some now and the rest later....

First up is Artful Dodger

Butter London describe this as a 'true teal' and I think I'd agree. It's a mid to light toned teal and there's a little hint of dustiness there too.  I'd say it was significantly lighter than the clutch of teal polishes that came out a few years ago - check out my comparison review of the time

Overall it's gorgeous and so shiny.

It did take 3 coats but I forgive it....

Totally missing my nails at this length - I should use this picture as a reminder to do my treatment regime to try to get them back to here....

Any tips on growing them back?  At the moment they're all short and seem to break very easily, crumbly rather than brittle if that makes sense?

I'm taking Biotin and general B-vitamins, applying Nailtiques 2 and Barielle Growth Activator for Natural Nails and attempting to remember to do Solar Oil and Revlon Nail Builders Intense Therapy on my cuticles and general hand/nail cream - phew!  That little lot's gotta work, right?!


  1. I completely understand going overboard when BL is on sale. :)

  2. Haha, thanks. I knew my fellow addicts would understand...


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