OPI - Mermaids Tears

Pale jade green creme 

Mermaids Tears is a pale jade green creme

I struggled a bit with the application with this one, it has the pro-wide brush which I generally find tricky.

The pro-wide style brushes are just too big and unweildly for my teeny nails.

Also you can see in the photos that it dried a bit brushstrokey, like it didn't level properly. Anyone else had this problem with Mermaids Tears?

Swatch is 2 coats with no topcoat.

Overall I like the colour, love the name but am a bit meh about the application and brush....


  1. I don't own this pretty polish, but I too find those wide brushes generally tricky..

    1. Just makes me less likely to buy more OPI or $OPI...


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