No7 - Milan

This one was a freebie in one of those gift with purchase collections that No7 often do. I can't say I would've chosen this colour normally, it's a bit too 'mumsy' for me but I was intrigued enough to give it a spin.

No7 stay perfect in Milan

Pink foil with insane shimmer - 2 coats & topcoat.

Formula was good, I'm still not sure I like the colour but the intense foil/shimmer does redeem it somewhat.

No7 is a cosmetics & skincare range in Boots, the UK's leading drugstore. I'd say it was a mid-range brand, polishes retail for around £6.


  1. Tricky. it is rather nice. This is one of only two No 7 polishes that appeals to me.
    I have a similar one - Star Nails Attitude Meteorite.
    Sort of conservative in that it's pink but just edgy enough to be worth wearing. I might get this if I could find it really cheap.


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