Boots 17 - Shimmering Sequins

I'm a bit late in posting these as I'm pretty sure they were Christmas specials!

Despite 17 being a long running Boots brand I don't think I'd bought any of their polishes before. I assumed they wouldn't be good quality as they're pretty cheap. But of course, now I know that price is no indication of quality!

Sun - 2 coats with topcoat

Shade - 2 coats with topcoat

This is a limited edition range called 'Tinsel & Tiaras' and this colour is 'Shimmering Sequins'
It's a purple shimmer glitter and I think it's pretty wonderful. Formula and application was good and fully opaque in two coats.

Apologies for the messy application - why do I never notice this until I'm looking at the photos afterwards?!

Stay tuned for the second in this collection tomorrow


  1. Nice! Would be interested to know what the removal is like - is it like removing a normal glitter?

  2. Good purple. I'm also sniffy about Boots 17 and I shouldn't be. Will look for this.

  3. @Rebecca - not like a normal glitter, the pieces are fine and not so difficult to remove.

    @All - thanks gals


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