Anne of Green Gables

Next up in Green week is Ciaté Apples & Custard, part of Ciaté's Spring/Summer 2009 Candy Couture collection.

Apples & Custard is a gorgeous dusky mid green creme and to my mind looks nothing like apples & custard and more like the first edition cover of Anne of Green Gables, hence this blog post title.

This is 2 coats in the shade.

This is another that is rumoured to be dupey to Chanel's Jade but as I don't have that I can't really comment.

Ciaté's Candy Couture collection was actually a great collection and I think I have all of them so watch out for future non-green swatches from this collection


  1. That's a lovely mint shade! It looks like it gave you really nice coverage with 2 coats. I love their bottles, so cute :)

  2. Gorgeous color, and I just love the bottle, so cute!

  3. I wish we could get these in the States!


  4. Nice color! Even the bottle is cute.

  5. I love this color. I'm really into these dusty, minty greens.

  6. Thanks gals, this is a fab colour and the bottles are cuteness.


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