Green Door

Just a quick green post for Sunday night...

This is BYS Fern, a dusky dark green with silver glitter.



I'm pretty sure BYS is an Australian brand, over here (UK) I found it in one of those discount beauty/perfume places and it was inexpensive.

This is 2 coats, no topcoat. Formula was great, I'd definitely buy more of these.

Anyone else got experience of BYS?

P.S. Initially I was going to call this post 'Behind the Green Door' those being the key lines I remembered from the cheesy 80's hit by Shakin' Stevens (Wales' answer to Elvis) but on googling that line I changed my mind - I didn't want those kinda hits!


  1. Hahahaha see I title my posts and stuff so that people hit it and are like wtf this is some chicks nails! Thats not what I was looking for!!! Gorgeous color! I love the 2 BYS polishes I have

  2. I love this, such a beautiful green!

  3. I LOVE that green! I wish BYS was available in the states!
    And I seem to remember that "Behind the Green Door" was the name of a porn movie from the 1970's.
    I used to do movie programming (not porn!) for my college- and I was a film student- so when I'd get catalogs from the distributors (of ALL of the available movies they owned), it was like Christmas for me! I'd be up all night, poring over each one, reading about every single movie. That was swell. I miss school. Sigh.

  4. @ReaderRita - sounds like a great job, I'm a big film fan and one of my frustrations is not having enough hours in the day/month/year to watch all the great films that are out there - and they keep making more! I figure when I'm retired I'm gonna build myself a sweet home cinema and sit and watch films all day!

  5. It was SO wonderful; but alas, it was student government, so the pay left a little something to be desired... I think your retirement plan sounds much better!
    We've been on a François Truffaut kick in our house. I really love him. I can't get enough of his Antoine Doinel series, ever. I can (especially) watch The 400 Blows over and over.

  6. I have this too. If you google BYS UK you can get the whole range from an etailer. BYS has an outlet here (UK).
    I also love the green sparkle one (Dazzling?). And Voodoo Violet is fab.


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