How green is my valley?

It's green week/month over on my favourite nail board Make-Up Alley , inspired by St Patrick's Day, so I thought I do a few green posts too.

This is GOSH Metallic Green, a pale green foil that is oddly paler on the nail than in the bottle, something to do with the foiliness I assume.



Despite being a foil the brush-strokes aren't too bad, just ignore that ding on my little finger :-)

This is two coats, no top coat.

It's an unusual colour, I don't think I have anything like it but I'm not quite sure it's me - perhaps it's the foil again. I'm not sure I've embraced my inner foil-lover yet...


  1. Fabulous photos! It's a beautiful shade.

  2. Hmmmm I've seen this color a lot in the store and never paid attention to it, but looking at it, on your nails, in all it's perfection, I quite like it :-O



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