Illamasqua Nudge

Oooh, how exciting, arrived in Birmingham yesterday (for planned gig in Nottingham)to find gorgeous birthday present from my lovely friends Liz & Matt...

How well do they know me? Well enough to buy me fabulous Illamasqua nail polish

Luckily we had time before we left to apply a quick mani and this morning I grabbed a couple of pics.



This was two coats on all nails except my index finger which took three (and I didn't do a great job with the third coat - we were drinking sparkling wine, never condusive to great manis!)

This was pretty good to apply, especially for a pale creme polish, not as good as some of the darker Illamasquas but not terrible.

I also had to tweek the colour of these pics to make them more colour accurate, the original pics were too blue, IRL it's a minty green, so ignore the lobster hands!

I don't have Chanel Jade to compare it to but from pics on NailGal I'd say it was lighter and more minty green than Jade and doesn't have the secret shimmer

Anyone else have any of the Illamasqua Pastels?


  1. I did wonder about the lobster hands ;)

    I don't have any of these thanks to my no-buy, but to be honest, mint green looks so dreadful on me that I wouldn't be buying it personally. Your nails look fantastic :)

  2. Yep I have the whole collection! Nudge photographed really blue for me too. I'm glad you have put up some good pics so people can see its true beauty!
    I'm wearing Wink right now :D

  3. @Helen - thanks, this colour definitely brings out the red in my pale hands
    @gildedangel - it's pretty isn't it.
    @Rebecca - oooh, whole collection?! heading over to your blog to check them out
    @Deb, @Lily - thanks gals

  4. I LOVE this pastel. But strangely enough, it appeared more on the turqouise side on my nails. Maybe because they're stained. Lol. You have got some dear friends, there! :D


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