Vintage Varnish - Sparkle & Fade - Taupe

Taupe creme   

I'm always wary of sharing polishes that are no longer available, it seems kinda mean, but these have been sitting in my swatches folder forever so I thought it was time to post them.

Sparkle & Fade were (briefly) stocked in Urban Outfitters stores.  I don't know if they were an Urban Outfitters brand or just stocked by them.  There aren't a whole heap of Urban Outfitters stores in the UK and I stumbled across these in the Birmingham store several years back.  I picked up a few, mostly because they were half price - I do love a bargain!

Unfortunately they don't have names but here goes...

This was one of the first taupe polishes I ever bought, I was aware of Sephora by OPI - Metro Chic and I think OPI - You don't know Jacques was around but you couldn't pick up a taupe from any old brand back then.

I really like this taupe, it's a mid toned, grey leaning taupe.

The polish is nicely opaque and dries super shiny.  Swatches shown are 2 coats, no top coat.

I've worn this polish so many times, taupes are definitely my go-to neutral, but I should probably cut back as this is one polish I can't easily replace...


  1. Oooh looks great :D Gotta love a bargain!

    1. Yup, great bargain polish is always a win!

  2. It is a bit too browny for my liking. Me and browns don't get on well at all :-|


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