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Coral creme & shimmer

First up is the creme, what looks like a lovely, shiny coral creme.  Doesn't it look fabulous? Glossy, with a hint of squidgy jelly - perhaps that was why the application was so tricky.  

This is 3 coats and I still had baldish spots although they don't show in the photos.

One of those unusual polishes that looks much better on than I thought it would during the application!   

Next up the shimmer, this coral is much more orange leaning, but if you squint at the close up shot of the bottle you can see the gold and pink shimmer running through the polish.

A very summery, holiday colour - I'm sure it would look great with a tan.

This swatch was 3 coats again, but much better behaved than the creme.


  1. I wish the shimmer had been a little bit stronger - but still, it's a perfect shade for you!

  2. This is nice and I love the last two photos of it! :-D

  3. Nice colour
    Check some nails pics on blog


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