Thursday, 11 September 2014

Germany Haul

European polishes  

Realised I'd shared my recent US haul but not the polishes from one of my frequent-ish Conference trips to Germany back in May

Catrice - all Crushed Crystals

Essence - Colour & Go and a World Cup Green

P2 - Gel Look polishes

Essence glitter jewels, P2 Sand textured and P2 Color Victime

Compared with previous trips I didn't buy too much polish although I did grab some cosmetics too; it was a short trip and although I know where all the hot polish spots are in Sindelfingen there was very little time for shopping.

Of course Essence polishes are now available in the UK (from Wilkinsons) - and interesting that Essence spell colour with a 'u' and P2 without!


  1. Nice haul! I'm drooling at the Catrices. I don't understand why Catrice doesn't sell over here? Maybe with Essence coming over here now, maybe they will? :-)

    1. Exactly what I was thinking - I think Catrice in Ireland too (becaues of the Euro I assume)

  2. Very nice! Purple Catrice was one of my favorites this summer. It's gorgeous!

  3. You picked some nice goodies, the Volume Gloss's are such great quality considering the price...


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