Paul & Joe 30 aka Soleil

Tangerine jelly with scattered gold glitter

I'm back!  The new router is fab but unfortunately didn't work with the old network patch panel, so we have a temporary panel in place designed for a rack in a server room.  What's the problem with that? It has a built in fan that sounds like a small hovercraft!

So onto the polish....

Oh boy, this was a total fail for me.

I didn't have any Paul & Joe in my collection so picked up a threesome in the ASOS sale.  I'd read good things about the polish, the bottles are pretty and unique and it was, if not a bargain, then cheaper than usual.

Soleil is a tangerine jelly, emphasis on the jelly, with scattered gold glitter

I had a complete mare with this polish, it was very runny and very sheer.

This swatch is 4 coats and I still have VVNL!

This one has gone straight into the Blog Sale box in the unlikely event anyone else will want it!

Stay tuned this week to see if the rest of the trio were any better...


  1. too bad it is so sheer, maybe it needs to be layered over an opaque orange creme.

    1. Good point, I should really try layering this before consigning it to the sale/swap box!


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