Nails Inc - Ibiza Orange

Jellyish Orange Creme

More orange goodness before the weather turns here in the UK.  We've had hot sunny weather for the past week or so but today it looks like it'll be warm but less sunny before cooling down for our long weekend  (we have 2 bank holidays next week to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee). Typical, huh?!

Swatch is 2 coats no top coat and there's slight vnl from the jellyness

I thought this one looked similar to another nails inc that a lot of the UK gals might have, Nails Inc Candy Orange which was a giveaway with InStyle magazine a couple of years ago so I did a quick comparison.

l-r Ibiza Orange, Candy Orange, Ibiza Orange, Candy Orange

Candy Orange is softer, slightly more coral toned and a shade more opaque.  Ibiza Orange is brighter, more vibrant, a slightly stronger orange.

But they're pretty similar aren't they, I'd say if you've got Candy Orange then you probably don't need Ibiza Orange.  Except if you're a Nails Inc obsessive like myself!