Paul & Joe 23 aka Dress Up?

Sheer nude with holo glitter

The third of the trio is probably the only one I'll keep, for the uniqueness.

Dress Up is a sheer (sound familiar?!) nude with biggish holo glitter

Again, did I mention  it was sheer?! the swatch is 3 coats and of course I still have visible nail line.

Next time I will definitely layer this over a nude underwear coat.

As well as sheer it was also gloopy - joy.

So overall my first experience of Paul & Joe polish was not a winner.

Was I just unlucky?  Are all the other polishes super opaque and apply like butter?  Put me out of my misery!


  1. That bottle is sooo gorgeous (both bottle and content) - I would definitely layer it too!
    IF you want to, I can tell you how you remove that double word verification thinghy we have to do to be allowed to comment (in 2 clicks) - just send me an email...

    1. Yes, yes! Tell me how to be rid of the damn capchta thingie!

    2. I've done it! Thanks, was super easy like you said

  2. This one is stunning! Now I want it too!!

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