Orly - Cherry Bomb

Bright reddish orange shimmer

Something bright for this sunny day here in Blighty!

Cherry Bomb from Orly is a bright, shimmery red toned orange.  

It's not cherry coloured at all to me; according to the interwebs Cherry Bombs are also fireworks, exhausts and a type of chilli, none of which are quite this colour either!

Swatch of Cherry Bomb is 2 coats, no top coat, it does look a little VNL in the pics but that wasn't visible IRL.

It's a fab colour, bright, shimmery and lit from within. And it's the first Orly I've shown on my blog - off to a good start for the brand I think!

And of course Orly bottles have those fab rubberised handles that I'm a fan of.  I'm also wearing a lot of Orly Bonder as a base coat at the moment and loving it. I does seem to keep polish in place very well.


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