Boots 17 - Juicy

Light bright spring green with turquoise secret shimmer

Juicy is another from the Boots 17 Spring collection

Swatch is 4 coats! with no top coat.  And I still have subtle visible nail line.

Juicy is a pretty spring green with a turquoise secret shimmer which stops it looking too flat.

It's pastel, it's bright and springy, it's Easter bunny, is it opaque? heck no

Ah well, I do like it, it's an unusual green and pretty unique in my collection but 4 coats, really?!


  1. I agree that the colour is quite unique, I love it! Damn the 4 coats though :(

    1. Yeah, unfortunately I think that means it won't get worn much, too much hassle to do all those coats or layer it.


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