P2 Sun Love - Summer Party

Pink toned Purple shimmer

More German polishes as I really have to get more of my collection posted before I head back there on Sunday and pick up more!

I have three polishes from the P2 Sun Love collection, unfortunately the most interesting colour (for me), a taupe with shimmer was sold out. There was also a turquoise shimmer.

The bottles are cute, different from the usual P2 squared off style.

First up is Summer Party

Summer Party is a yummy pink toned purple shimmer.

Great formula and application and this swatch is 2 coats, no top coat.

And these were super cheap - only €2 IIRC


  1. Pretty purple! I bought some empty bottles with a similar shape for frankening--at the time I'd not seen any like them but now here some are--how funny. I think I like the regular P2 shape better.

  2. @KarenD - how funny! I too prefer the normal P2 bottles, they're classier somehow.


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