IsaDora - Magic Green

Bright green shimmer

Prompted by Jen's post on NailPolishUK I thought I'd share my tiny collection of teeny IsaDora's.

They also fit into my ongoing Germany theme as I picked these up from Douglas, a seemingly fancy chemist/drugstore in Sindelfingen IIRC.

So here is Magic Green (love that name, reminds me of the magic paddle incident in the Turkish GP last Sunday!)

I'd say Magic Green was a bright, apple green shimmer.

Swatch shown is 2 coats, application and formula were good.

The bottles I have are tiny, only 4ml.

I don't know much about IsaDora, am I right in thinking they're a Swedish brand?


  1. Oo, I see what you mean. That is bright. Please, what is IIRC?

  2. @Jen Sorry, tech speak. IIRC is 'if I recall/remember correctly'

  3. This is so pretty! I was under the impression Isa Dora was a Swedish brand. I have Subway Green Crackle and a White by them that I ADORE. Just found you and am following! :)


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