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Mega blue glitter

A few weeks ago Nails inc launched their Special Effects range which I think consisted of 3 crackle top coats and 3 '3D Glitter' polishes. The crackles didn't interest me much but the glitters looked interesting, so I ordered all 3!

All three polishes consist of a clear base (or if there is a tiny smidge of colour in there it's very sheer) and masses of glitter in two different sizes. Most of the glitter is very fine and gives the polish it's base colour as such and then there's a fairly generous sprinkling of larger glitter pieces in a different colour.

They have quite a pong to them, a real chemical whiff! And they dry matte which doesn't make the most of the glitteriness so I also added a couple of thick coats of Seche Vite.

Blimey what an explanation - how about I show you some pics, both with and without topcoat so you can see.

As usual click on the pics to make 'em bigger

No topcoat

No topcoat

2 coats topcoat

2 coats topcoat

2 coats topcoat

The swatches are 3 coats of polish and then topcoat.

The polish dries very gritty - perhaps that's the 3D aspect of them?!

And apologies for the state of the pics, the blue was the third one I swatched so my fingers and nail edges are covered in glitter and I'd had a very low break on my ring finger that I was trying to grow out a little before trimming so that nail is a bit wonked.

I'll try and post the other two tomorrow.


  1. Ooh, I love the combination of blue and purple. Not so keen on it drying matte and gritty though for the price Nails Inc. charge!! xx


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