myface Lil' Bling - Crystalline Green & Sp'ice'y

Myface cosmetics is a UK brand available in Boots drugstores. Created by makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury their USP is around grouping the products into 3 different skin tones, fair, medium and dark.

Being of the fair, but not Nicola Roberts pale, persuasion I have tried out the foundation (light coverage & dewy) and concealer (best skintone match I have and reasonable coverage) and been impressed so when I saw they'd added nail polish to the range I was definitely intrigued.

Called Lil' Bling and designed to match the Blingtone eyeshadows (intense pearl packed shadows designed to create a wet look shine - according to their website) I picked up a couple from the Boots website (2 for £8).

They come in chunky bottles holding 15ml. The bottles look good although the chunkiness does make the brush a bit hard to handle. If you find Nails Inc brush tricky because of the lid these are even worse.

First I tried Crystalline Green, a not as vibrant as I'd hoped, green chrome.

Oh boy, this polish really tested my patience - it wouldn't play nice with the first base coat I tried. Finally I got it to work, kind of.

This is two coats, application was so-so, the brush was terrible - fat, splodgy and will so many sticking out strands I had to give it a haircut half-way through! The finish isn't too brush-strokey given it's a chrome but generally, yuk.

Several days later after I'd recovered I decided to brave the second one which you'll be pleased to hear was a slightly more positive experience.

This is 2 coats of Sp”ice”y - a brown chrome.

For a start the brush was fine, not amazing, not a splodgy fat mess, just fine.

The colour is a bit more saturated and I didn't struggle with the application.

And a big apology - boy I should've put a ridge filling basecoat under this. These photos justify my buffing habit.

I really wanted to love these - but I couldn't, in fact, especially the green, really quite annoyed me. It didn't help that the first one I tried had a dodgy brush and I really struggled to get a good finish.

I know other folk have had more positive experiences - what are your thoughts?


  1. I actually like the first colour! Shame about the application and the brush. Maybe it's a good polish for stamping though...:)


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