Fireworks Party Mani

Just a quick post to share the manicure I sported over the weekend for my family's annual bonfire/fireworks party. We were a little late this year as Guy Fawkes was last week but I wanted something sparkly to compliment the sparkly fireworks.

I'd picked up some Nails Inc glitters in their recent sale so decided to give the red one a go. It didn't look like it was going to be opaque in any reasonable number of coats so I went for a layered manicure.

This is one coat of American Apparel 'Downtown LA', a classic red that's pretty opaque in one coat and then 2 coats of Nails Inc 'Trafalgar Square' and then 3 coats of Seche Vite. I'd say this was a medium bumpy glitter.

Closeup to show the glitter

I really liked how this turned out and three (3!) members of my family commented positively on my manicure and usually they're pretty oblivious to my np madness! Obviously the bling was noticed and liked.

Because of the vast amounts of SV this didn't wear that well, I had some visible tip pull on the second day.

It was also firmly in the glitter polish territory for removal, felt acetone and scrubbing.


  1. Very nice! You're using foil method for removal, right? So scrubbing shouldn't be as bad as without.

  2. This colour will be IDEAL for xmas xx

  3. @KarenD I *should've* used foil method I know!
    @Paula - it is pretty Christmassy isn't it!


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