Accessorize - Pin-Up

Hmmm, not quite sure why I bought this one - it must've looked better/more interesting on the web site.

Pin Up is a peachy pale pink with gold shimmer and slightly larger silver shimmery pieces.
This is 3 coats, no top coat and I still have visible nail line.

There's nothing really wrong with it, it's pretty enough but not really my kinda thing!


  1. I tell you why. It WAS purple on the website and looked funky. I got this and did a double-take. I complained to them and they admitted they'd posted the wrong pic. You can exchange it. It makes a nice layering polish but it wasn't you going ga-ga - it was THEM.

  2. @jaljen - Gah! that explains it! When it arrived I just thought 'why?' and then when I wore it, double why?!


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