La Femme - Teal

Just a quick post to share a cheap n' cheerful polish with you.

La Femme is is a low cost UK brand. You tend to find them in discount perfume stores, on the web and on market stalls and they can usually be picked up for £1-1.50. The bottle is oddly shaped, tall and narrow (but thankfully still fits in the Helmer) and together with the tacky printing, for me, just reinforces the cheapness.

I've bought several from this brand and I think it's fair to they're pretty variable in quality/opaqueness.

But this is one of the good ones!



This is Azure, a teal shimmer that is veering towards frost but manages to pull back in the nick of time. Two coats with top coat.  Application and brush were fine and it's a pretty colour.  All in all, a win!


  1. I've never heard of this brand...then again, I live in the U.S., so that's probably why. :) It looks very pretty on you!


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