Germany Haul

Sorry for the lack of posts but I've been away rather a lot this month (work and fun related) so haven't had much time for blogging.

But of course I did find a little time for haulage.

First trip was to a conference in Dusseldorf - unfortunately the conference venue was a little way out of the city and so it was tricky to find time to shop but thanks to a long lunch hour one day and speedy cab journey across the city I managed to hit Kaufhof, a German department store, which the wonders of the interweb told me were a Catrice stockist. Actually their Catrice selection wasn't great but they did have some other goodies - read on for haul and bottle shots!

I picked up this sweet collection of Alessandro polishes. They're a German brand, cute bottles and finishes but not great value - I think they're nearly 4 Euros for a teeny 5ml bottle. But several of them have lots of lovely shimmer that will hopefully be visible on the nail

950 - Golden Goddess

949 - Green Green Baby

947 - Hottie

289 - can't find a name for this one...

853 - Desert Rose

281 - no name again...

Picked up an interesting Art Deco at the airport and a couple of Essences in Kaufhof (Fabuless and Choose Me!)

Choose Me

Art Deco 285

And these are uma - never seen or heard of these before but the colours looked sparkly and fun!

l-r Supernova, Flirty (which is much more pink than this pic)

And these are mini uma's l-r artic blue, cherry blossom, sunburst

Some more Essence's and a couple of Catrice
l-r Most Wanted, Walk of Fame, From Dusk To Dawn, Wine-tastic

Closeup of Wine-Tastic

Also a couple more in the airport that I'll share in another post!


  1. Gahhh...I was in Germany a few years ago, and I really wish I had thought to look for polish when I was there. *headdesk*

  2. @Zara - I know that feeling! I'm trying not to think about the ones I missed!

  3. I love those brands. My country is next to germany, but I barely go there.

  4. I have green green baby, it is extremly original polish ugly and beautiful at the same time. I bought it in Poland.

  5. Great haul!

    I have few of Alessandro mini polishes and I like them a lot.


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