Illamasqua - Baptiste

If life (or moving) gives you stumpies then wear vampies!

So here's a quick post of my current mani, the totally gorgeous Illamasqua Baptiste.

It's a dark purple with loads of pink and purple shimmer. My picture really doesn't do it justice and it's probably a little more pink toned IRL. This is two coats with top coat which so far, 1 day in, is wearing well.

And why do I never remember to put hand cream on before I take the picture - d'oh!


  1. Glowing! Like a jewel. Absolutely lovely.

  2. I love this. Even though I have a lot of untrieds to get through, I am itching to wear Baptiste again soon! It screams Autumn/Winter to me.

  3. I love the illamasqua polishes, I find they go on so well and this colour is incredible. Got a models own one that is near identical a couple of weeks ago, but the finish is no wear nearly as nice.


  4. Gorgeous! This is one of the ones I was looking for when I went to Sephora for the 1st time. Unfortunately, that Sephora didn't even carry Illamasqua! Apparently it is a "small" store. LOL! I can't wait to see a big one, then. Until then, I'm hoping I get a Sephora GC for Xmas so I can buy it online! :)

  5. oooh vampies loook so nice...i like the nail length too.. not too short/long


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