Airport Haul

These are the ones I couldn't fit in my Germany Haul post.

This is a MissGuided polish that they were giving away with Cosmopolitan. I'm slightly too old for Cosmo now but who can resist free polish!

I think this was the best of the 3 available - cue frantic searching through all the copies in WH Smith! IIRC the other 2 were a pale pink creme and a bright red?

Closeup to show the sparkles

And look what they had in the MAC shop @ T5!!

I wandered over to ask about polish stock, fully expecting them to laugh in my face, but the SA to my surprise said they had Bad Fairy in stock! So, reader, how could I resist? I bought some. Oddly the other 2 in the collection were out of stock. This is actually my very first MAC polish!


  1. Respect. 2 damned good polishes.

  2. Wow, nice finds! I wish they had gifts with magazines over here.

  3. Looking forward to seeing Bad Fair on you!!


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