Accessorize Nail Polish Stack!

Look what arrived today!

Sorry for the terrible pics - I've been out at with a customer most of today and the weather here in my part of the UK has been grey and wet this afternoon but I wanted to share the bottle pics at least....

But then I couldn't resist a quick swatch of Aztec over the top of my existing mani (nails inc - palace garden terrace, a chocolate/purple creme)

Natural Light (what there was of it!)

Halogen assisted (so prob. more yellow toned)

Aztec is nicely sparkly after just one coat although it doesn't look as duochrome on the nail.  Can't wait to see it as a full mani.


  1. Beautiful polish! I would love it a lot more if it showed up as duochrome as the bottle though :P

  2. Oh my gosh, the duochrome in the bottle! And these colours are real cute! :)

  3. I'm so jealous! :P
    I can't get them here and they don't ship to the netherlands

  4. Gorgeous! Are any of these dupes for Orly Cosmic FX collection? :)

  5. Wow, this is a really pretty colour

  6. @Jackie S. I don't have the Orly's but Pink Spice is pretty dupey for MAC Bad Fairy. I think Aztec and Bronze (top row, 1st polish) may be dupes for the Orlys.

  7. such a pretty one! I neeed those laquers!

  8. Wow!!! this is a very nice polshtopia....
    I like this color/////

    Chrome Stacks


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